Our company was established to manage the heritage of Matazo Kayama, who has been known as one of the greatest Japanese painting artist. Though he passed away on 6th April 2004, his works have been loved and admired by today and will be treasures for Japan and Asian culture.

He was born in Kyoto in 1927. His father was a designer of Kimono. There was his own disign studio in central Kyoto. Matazo used to play in the studio and loved to see his father and disciples of his father were sketching and painting on paper with black ink and many colors. Matazo also loved to watch books of paintings his father bought for his own learning. Matazo could learn a lot from those pictures on the books too. Some books were from Europe. He started to sketch and paint in the similitude of his father.

He went on to Japanese Painting Academy in Kyoto when he was 13 years old. And he learned that the history of Kyoto-style Japanese Painting was too incommodity for him. It was too tight for the young ambitious boy. He hoped to go on to Tokyo National Academy of Fine Arts . When he entered the school in 1944,The World War II had become more serious every day. He lost his father just after the end of the war., because of deficiency disease.

His mother and younger sisters were still living in Kyoto. He sufferd for his family. But Matazo finally made up to keep studying in Tokyo to be an artist. He kept to remittance to his mother and younger sisters in Kyoto. He did many part-time jobs and studied as hard as possible to create his own painting.

Some years later, he made the top of the Japanese Painting artist society. He became a famous painter in his early 30's. He begun to put his works on Japanese Painting shows which were held all over the world. His first private exhibition in abroad was held in New York in 1961.His works were begun to be known in the U.S.A. And also, in Europen countries including Soviet Union. He had held a private exhibition in Paris in1990.

His name is also well known between Chinese artists who studied traditional ink paintings. Matazo's skill on ink paintings was impressed Chinese people.He went to China many times to study, teach, and sketch Chinese great nature.

His international works are quite unique. In 1990, he painted on the body of BMW525i for BMW Art Car Project. He used Japanese traditional technique called "kirikane". Leaves of gold and platina were cut very carefully. And glue on all over the BMW's body.

He held exhibitions at the Central Museum of Beijing(1993) and British Museum(1996). Those great opprtunities made him not only "Japanese painting artist" but also "Greatest Artist from Far East".

We hope to protect his dignity and let more people know about his works.

Yuki Kayama (The eldest granddaughter of Matazo Kayama)

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